Calling all Cochranites who wear skinny jeans, part their hair on the side and use the laughing crying emoji. 

Did you know that none of that is cool anymore?

Over the last few weeks millennials and Gen Z-ers have been clashing online after those things were deemed uncool be Gen Z-ers. 

One 21-year-old interviewed said he stopped using the laughing crying emoji when he saw older people, like his mom, using it. 

Well, I guess I'm not cool. But I'm okay with that. 

I like my skinny jeans. I am not ready for "mom jeans" or whatever is supposedly more cool than skinny jeans.

I part my hair on the left & I use the laughing crying emoji (along with several other probably "uncool" emojis).

So what do you do that is not cool? And do you actually care enough to stop doing it?

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~ Lauren